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  Bamboo, Wood,Lacquer
  Bowl, Sauce Dish,Spoon
  Color Plate Round
  Color Plates Rect.
  Cook Books
  Dry Food
  Gift & Decoration
  Glassware, Cocktail Mug
  Kitchen Category
  Knife & Accessories
  Large Bowl Ceramic & Melamine
  Melamine Black
  Melamine Bmb. Marimo Eggplant
  Melamine Red Orchid Gold Brush
  Melamine White And Red
  Omakase Plates
  Sushi Bar Items
  T.Cup,Sake Cup Bottle
  T.Pot, Sauce Pot
  Table Cooking
  To-Go and Disposables
  Uniforms & Kimono
  White Bowl & Sauce Dish
  White Plate Round & Square
  White Plate Rect.
  Wait Station Items
Shipping & Returns
Orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.

Returns and exchanges are only accepted within 5 days of the invoice date. However, you must contact us in advance before you send back any product. Shipping costs for returns must be covered by the customer.

Some items for sale are in limited supply. As such, item availability is subject to change without notice.
Shipping & Returns
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